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Monday, May 4, 2009

To Do List on the New House

Forgive the disjointedness of this post.  It was written as a line by line to my mortgage broker and was accompanied by scanned in estimates which would make it less confusing.
This is probably cheating, but on the other hand, it is all that is on my mind right now...

OK- Priority Repairs.  The plumber did not give me individual estimates, but a total.  I have the individuals when I can from shopping around at places like Lowe's.  I included my "wishlist if we are able to fund them" items, but obviously, the priority repairs come first. Chris and I really want to be environmentally friendly (not to mention lowering our daily cost of living) so all the new installs are low-flo, eco systems wherever we can.  I know I am forgetting something....  Let me know if you have trouble reading anything.

Roof- $6364
Insulation: R-40 $900
      Wishlist: Active Attic Fan: $250
                           Solar Attic Fan: $450

Room by Room:
Garage Door: $1500
Hot Water Heater: $800
      Wishlist: Solar Water Heater $5000 before incentives ($325 after)
Water Softener (Priority, because all the faucets have to be replaced due to mineral deposits) $1000-$3000 for a high end system (I am thinking the $1200 range)

 New cabinets, minor electrical work, and new sink & faucet.  See Hultzman estimate, although countertops will add another $600 according to him verbally.  I have more estimates lined up, but not until after we close. I forgot to have them add in connecting the hood to the outside-  Chris tends to make my smoke detectors go off.
Replace Garbage Disposal $100-$200, Dishwasher $400-$600, and stove $600-900. I pulled all the appliance costs from Lowe's.

New fan in dining room with light kit, plus electrical work (Ketring estimate + $70-$100 for fan)

Guest Bathroom:
Shower repair, new toilet, new cabinet/sink/faucet.  Both Parker and Sons and Hultzman included this in their estimates. I forgot to have them estimate connecting the exhaust fan to the outside. It currently vents to the attic.  That is on the priority list, though.

Master Bathroom
New shower (no way to repair the shower without removing surround, plus the glass doors are broken), new toilet and new faucet. Cabinet is fine.

Rest of house:
Repairing prior homeowner electrical issues with fan boxes in each room, plus installing new fans, including the outdoor fans.
Pulling out illegal propane hookup from Chimney (Estimate in Word Doc)
Fixing house water shut off valve in front of house.
Repairing hole in ceiling of family room. (Estimate including in Hultzman's)
                    Wishlist: Repairing unfinished closet in 4th bedroom
                    Wishlist: New flooring for 4th Bedroom.
                    Wishlist: Greywater system for watering landscaping: $3000
                    Wishlist: putting in closet system for Master Bedroom closet. No estimate on that yet.

So much to be done this summer.  This doesn't include painting and moving and all that jazz.......