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Monday, February 18, 2008

Help Massively Needed

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I am a poor college student. In January, my trusty, year-old, laptop begin having fits. I figured out that it was a hardware failure involving the built-in wireless. I did a lot to work around it, including recovering the machine back to factory. I have an external USB wireless I am using, and I see no sign of the old one in my device manager.

And yet, 5 times today, I have received this screen. It is getting more common, and one of the crashes earlier in the week cost me an hours worth of entry into a database for my internship. This is bad. Having a laptop is what enables me to go to school, have an internship and take care of my children. I can not get through school without it.

I need to repair this one. It is an HP dv2000, and I have already cleaned up the registry (after the blue screening started) and tried everything I know as a power user. At the moment, I have a custom startup using msconfig turning off all non-essential services and startup items. I am not a good enough user to convert to Linux (I would need a lot of support at the beginning), and I think the wireless card needs to be removed. My laptop repair place charges a minimum of $200 to crack the case.

If you can help me fix the offending hardware/driver issue (if it is that) or know someone who can without bankrupting me, I really need the help. I am even desperate enough that I am looking into buying a Dell. I don't think I could work another credit payment in right now, and I need dental work I was planning on financing. It would be a choice between my teeth and the computer.

Thank you for reading this....
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Update: The mighty internet says A5AGU.SYS is my D-Link USB Driver. I will keep investigating, but I wonder if there are remnants of the other wireless that are conflicting with the D-Link?

Update #2: Research suggests that it is the D-link conflicting with the original built in wireless. I am apparently not the only person to have this exact problem. I did install the latest drivers from the web-site, so I hope that works. Thank you to those leaping to my rescue!