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"Each of us must come to care about everyone else's children. We must recognize that the well being of our own children is intimately linked to the well being of all other people's children. After all, when one of our children needs life-saving surgery, someone else's child will perform it. When one of our children is harmed by violence, someone else's child will commit it. The good life for our own children can be secured only if it is also secured for all other people's children. But to work for the well being of all children is not just a practical matter-- it is also right!" - Lilian G. Katz, Phd.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I'm awesome!

I just had awesome news today. Last Thursday or so, a friend fairly high up in the state mental health gave me a call and asked me to apply for the Governing board of Magellan for our county. That is the contractor for managing all mental health services in the county, which includes all of metropolitan Phoenix. I applied, but didn't have time to get references.

Then I called and asked a few other people to apply, and wrote them references. I got a call today (just as I was rounding up references, actually) and the nominating committee wants to meet with me tomorrow. This was with NO references included, and two are required. The governing board makes policy decisions on all aspects of the company as it applies to Maricopa county. It is similar to what I am doing for Family Involvement center, but way more influential.
Not to mention the stipend of $100/meeting. Woot!

Now I just need to figure out what to do about this darn substance abuse brochure. The darn thing is turning into a comedy of errors!