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Monday, December 19, 2005

Lookie at what I found - Voyant Chai Liqueur

Lookie at what I found - Voyant Chai Liqueur: "

So I found my self looking through the aisles of my local liquor store, as I am wont to do. Lo and behold, I found a bottle calling out for me.

'Kate! Kate!', it cried.

I looked directly at the bottle of Chai liquer and gasped. They had done it. The bastards have done it! Looks like Santa Claus came a little early this year. I plopped me down some moola (around $20 I think) and headed home with my gotten booty ('gotten booty' being the opposite of 'ill-gotten Booty, for those of you looking to the annotated version of Accidental Hedonist).

It's called Voyant, and it's imported from Holland. I believe it to be the first of its kind, but that's merely a guess, not a hard fact.

It's taste? It's on the sweet side, so know that going in. It's about half as sweet as Starbucks Chai, but about twice as sweet as traditional chai. It's also a bit viscous, being a thicker consistency than Kahlua, but still quite good. Their website says the liqueur contains aged Virgin Island Rum, Fresh Dutch Cream, Black Tea from India, Premium Spirits from Holland and a Distinctive Blend of Spices from Asia (let's call them the mysterious spices). There's no chemical after taste that you get from time to time with liqueurs. But as I said, it is sweet. I"

I must have this......

This might be a good thing to take to Jen & Brian's for the annual New Year's Bash....