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"Each of us must come to care about everyone else's children. We must recognize that the well being of our own children is intimately linked to the well being of all other people's children. After all, when one of our children needs life-saving surgery, someone else's child will perform it. When one of our children is harmed by violence, someone else's child will commit it. The good life for our own children can be secured only if it is also secured for all other people's children. But to work for the well being of all children is not just a practical matter-- it is also right!" - Lilian G. Katz, Phd.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

A quote

I am looking for my mind and thoughts to be swept off their feet. I seek something deeper than any anatomy could ever penetrate.
- My first high school crush

I was sent this today as someone's e-mail sig. and I felt like it was so apropos I had to share.

In other news, after much self analysis and contemplation, I have tentatively declared my feelings to my significant other. This is a huge step, and I still have not actually said "I love you"

I find it amazing how psychologically charged these words are, and I really, really do not want to abuse their power. I want to be confident in my meaning and others understanding of my meaning.

[Listening to: Lyin' Eyes - The Eagles - Their Greatest Hits (1971-1975) (06:22)]