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"Each of us must come to care about everyone else's children. We must recognize that the well being of our own children is intimately linked to the well being of all other people's children. After all, when one of our children needs life-saving surgery, someone else's child will perform it. When one of our children is harmed by violence, someone else's child will commit it. The good life for our own children can be secured only if it is also secured for all other people's children. But to work for the well being of all children is not just a practical matter-- it is also right!" - Lilian G. Katz, Phd.

Sunday, April 3, 2005

Make the Choice

It's difficult to make choices, to commit to those choices, and to actually act on those choices. For everything you choose to do, you must also choose not to do other things. Each choice necessarily involves selecting one thing and rejecting a whole lot of other things, focusing on one possibility and putting the other possibilities aside.

Making a choice means walking away from those possibilities you don't choose. Why would you want to do that? Because the alternative to choosing one thing over all the others is to choose nothing. When you keep all your possibilities open, none of them ever becomes a reality.

Every aspect of your life is overflowing with possibilities, and you have the good fortune of being able to choose the very best ones. Yet if you're too greedy and attempt to "have it all" you end up with nothing.

Choices can be difficult. Yet they must be made if you're to fulfill any of those wonderful possibilities in front of you. Decide who you want to be, what life you want to live, what work you want to do, the ways in which you can make a difference. Make a choice and commit to that choice with your time, your effort, your attention and your passion. Rather than leaving all your options open, choose those you can build into a greatness all your own.

-- Ralph Marston